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Access Control Applications

Enable streamlined, secure access control through the use of PDC Smart Band® wristbands and event entrance portals or handheld readers placed at entrances or other access locations. Since PDC Smart Band® RFID wristbands contain a unique chip identifier number, they’re impossible to duplicate, making them the ultimate anti-counterfeit ticket. The secure closure also eliminates the possibility of “pass-backs,” keeping admissions secure.

Eliminate Ticket Fraud

Counterfeit tickets= lost revenue + damage to your festival brand. The unique identifier of each RFID wristband makes it the ultimate anti-counterfeit credential! Since every wristband is registered to a specific fan, you have the power to investigate and take action when credential abuse arises.

Increase Security

RFID access control eliminates unauthorized access to restricted locations like backstage, VIP areas, and media lounges. Staff members will have the upper hand when being pressured by guests for special access.

Streamline Admissions

Festival entrance portals can validate over 2,000 RFID wristbands per hour, drastically reducing queuing times and number of employees needed. Get your fans in quicker, get them engaged, and spending money.

Gain Real-Time Traffic Flow Insights

Real-time data capture helps employees manage available parking spaces and monitor access locations and crowd capacity to make informed decisions about the allocation of resources needed to manage each on-site location.

Reduce Overhead Costs

RFID eliminates the headaches of manual access verification, resulting in fewer staff needed to oversee entry locations, parking, and camping grounds.