RFID Applications

RFID is not one-size fits all. Define your festival’s goals and objectives to determine what RFID applications are the best fit. Do you want to simplify and streamline festival entrance, parking, and campground admissions? Do you want to gather data about your attendees? Do you want to increase sales and sponsorship revenue? The beauty of RFID is you can start small and add new applications from event to event.

Festival Access Control Applications

Access Control

From general admission, to VIP, staff, and artists, PDC Smart® wristbands and RFID enables streamlined, secure festival access control.

Festival Cashless Payments

Cashless Payments

Transform your festival into a cashless environment by providing secure cashless payment transactions with PDC Smart Band® RFID wristbands.

Festival Social Media Applications

Social Media

PDC Smart® Wristbands capture powerful fan data and increase sponsorship revenue through social media applications.