RFID Products

PDC Smart® Windshield Labels1

PDC Smart® Windshield Labels are designed for automated vehicle tracking and access control. Helps employees manage available parking spaces and monitor access into camp grounds, parking lots, VIP areas and more. Real-time data capture helps event management allocate resources needed to manage each on-site access location.

PDC Smart® Kiosks2

The ultimate self-service platforms enable patrons to purchase admissions, concessions, rental items, or re-load funds to their wristband quickly.

PDC Smart® RFID Cards & Keyfobs2

PDC Smart® Cards & Keyfobs are the perfect complement to RFID wristband applications. Issue to staff for time-keeping and access control or guests for customer loyalty, gift card, and VIP programs

PDC Smart® RFID Badges & Lanyards3

PDC Smart® Badges and Lanyards are the perfect complement to RFID wristband applications and can be issued to staff members for employee management, timekeeping, and increased security.

PDC Smart® RFID Wristbands9

PDC Smart® wristbands contain a securely sealed HF RFID tag, which is programmed with a unique alpha-numeric code. When scanned by an RFID reader, a low-power radio wave activates the chip to securely collect and transfer data. PDC Smart® wristbands replaces traditional forms of identification and access credentials including keys, badges, and door cards that can de-magnitize, or don’t mix well with water.